The return of the style of the 70s between prints and colors

“I wish I could have lived in the seventies”. A fixed thought for lovers of the style of that time. One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion, however, lies precisely in its cyclicality and in the possibility of doing without the time machine and wait for the Seventies to come to us, with their load of trends revisited, but that maintain in the fabrics, lines and shades a little ‘of the rebellious spirit and colorful of that period.

The fashion of the ’70s reflects some important changes that took place in those years, a period during which more independence and emancipation is gained, especially for women. Changes that are reflected in the way of dressing of young people of the time, in the choice of clothes and accessories. A style that is not pure appearance, but tells the spirit of an entire era: the outward appearance was in fact just a way to externalize a feeling of rebellion that found in those years its greatest expansion. This spring-summer, the Seventies style is back, taking the lead with its intense, pop and vitamin colors, floral and geometric prints, exaggerated lengths in both directions, ranging from the long vaporous dress to the crop top with or without bangs that leaves the abdomen uncovered. 

The woman of the ’70s is not only trendy, however, as the attitude says a lot about her style. In fact, she moves with confidence and determination between two poles: natural beauty by day, disco queen by night, wearing metallic, fluffy and lace dresses, floral or geometric prints, crop tops, kimonos, high-waisted shorts and jeans or bell-bottoms. Among the accessories, the ones preferred by the lovers of Seventies style, there are oversized round glasses, rings, necklaces and bracelets golden or colored, hats with wide visor or the classic fedora and fringed bags in leather or canvas. Completing the outfits are very high clogs and wedges or sandals up to the knee, but also the famous cubic heels of the time. The extra touch? The headband with flowers in perfect bohemian style to put in the hair.

The new studs: always rock, but more elegant

A few years ago the boom of the studs started: shiny, round or pointed, there are really all tastes, the important thing is that they are rock to the bone. This was the rule in recent years. Until proven otherwise, the stud was born for punks and their rebellious souls, but now it has also made its debut in the world of fashion. It may seem just a small detail, but studs are more than that: they are a way of being, thinking and seeing the world. But you know, when this tiny detail begins to make a trend and above all history, here is that fashion is indulged, giving it new life and personality.

Initially presented in a way very faithful to the rock tradition, now it is definitely changing course.

Garments and accessories to wear every day: this is in fact the mood for the new face of studs. The stud becomes more accessible, less intrusive, and more sober in the look.

Women who prefer a more refined and feminine look will no longer have to give up this historical accessory, remaining always elegant and refined.

From Valentino’s sandal with studs on the straps, to Balenciaga’s sandal/flip flop, up to Alexander Mcqueen’s clutch: but not only. Designers from all over the world have not limited themselves to applying the beloved studs only on accessories, but also on garments to be worn. The blue t-shirt with small studs on the top signed by Michael Kors is the example.

This year, the word renunciation is to be forgotten, because now studs have become super chic and girly.

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