The new Scrooge is the founder of Zara

Amancio Ortega, owner of the leading clothing company Zara, is the richest man in the world. Last Friday the Spanish billionaire has pushed from the podium for a few hours and for the first time Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Word of Forbes, that continually updates its classification of the “Paperon de’ Paperoni” of the planet. 

The credit for this result is Inditex, one of the largest companies dedicated to fashion based in Galicia in Spain, whose stock on the Stock Exchange these days travels at record levels. Currently, the 60% of the shares that Amancio owns in the company have soared 62 billion euros, bringing its total assets over 71 billion. Bill Gates, with the fluctuations in the stock markets, then took back the podium. By now, it’s neck and neck who invents the most.

What sets Amancio Ortega apart from other multi-billionaires is his humble origin and history. Born in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War, he was the son of a poor railroader earning just 300 pesetas a month. When Mr. Ortega is asked to recount his childhood, he describes it as a difficult time, full of suffering and sacrifice. In fact, due to great poverty and his father’s meager salary, the young man, when he was only 14 years old, decided to abandon his studies and work as a delivery boy in a store, until he achieved a small dream, that of opening his first women’s clothing store. At the age of 40 he founded the Zara clothing chain, which from Spain has spread throughout the world, becoming one of the most coveted brands and adored by young and old.

His story, that of the “Self made man”, is common to many humble people who, with the sheer force of will, manage to break down the “psychological” wall of: “there’s no work, I can’t, it’s impossible”, touching their dream with their own hands. Amancio Ortega can be called Luigi, Marco, Federica, Lucia because the limit that separates each of us to the desired goal, we are us.

Primark lands in Italy, here is the summer collection of the low cost brand

The news of the future opening of Primark in Italy already runs a couple of months on the web and the wait is really great. In addition to the announcement on the upcoming openings in Milan, Rome and Venice, more details confirm the opening of the first Primark megastore in the peninsula. For its debut, the Irish brand has chosen a space of about 7 thousand square meters that will include multiple levels within the new shopping center that is about to be completed in Arese, in the province of Milan. This was confirmed by Associated British Foods, the brand’s owner. It seems that the signatures for the first store have already been put in place in recent days and the Italian market is therefore preparing to welcome the giant that is present in a dozen European countries.

For the landing on the Italian market Primark will try to follow the local taste, as well as the Italian trends, presenting items made ad hoc. There are, however, some characteristics of the brand that will not fail: the low prices in line with the low cost form and the huge variety of articles between clothing and accessories that follow the trends of the moment will conquer Italy. Waiting to touch the products that will be put on sale, here’s what you can find now inside the stores. 

This is a collection that follows in every way the trends of the moment, proposed in a very low cost form. In fact, the prices remain very low, up to a maximum peak of only 20 euros. The brand offers a wide range of products, some more formal others more suitable for streetwear, with palazzo pants, culotte pants, maxi suits and maxi dresses, denim dungarees back in vogue in recent months, but also denim, floral or geometric prints and clothing in full ’70s style. There is no shortage of crop tops or kimonos in macramé and characterized by the inevitable bangs. Very wide also the swimwear collection: there is the Triangl version, seen on the beach in different shapes and colors, or the one with the high-waisted bottom, real gem of this collection. 

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