The latest fashion for winter bags, Bianchi e Nardi presents the collection inspired by the 50s

Behind every object, even the smallest, always hides a story bigger than you can imagine. In curiosity lies the key to get to the amazement, Bianchi e Nardi bags of the F/W 2021 collection have a story that between love, luxury and the rediscovery of the origins does not cease to arouse fascination.

The Florentine fashion house began to find its first successes in the ’50s and it is from this period that it draws its inspiration for the winter line. Just wear one of the octagonal clutches to relive the carefree atmosphere of the economic boom era. The clutches have softer shapes, they are rounded, to be held in the hand as if they were a jewel.

A true homage to the bon ton style of the Fifties are the bucket proposals that contain a little surprise. The Alberti Mini model looks like a very simple bag, but it actually has a double bottom that contains a beauty and a mirror. There are no excuses, just slip your lipstick into the special compartment and you’ll have lips like those of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

What always sets Bianchi and Nardi’s creations apart is the choice of materials. Most of the bags are made from python or crocodile skin, made shiny thanks to an ancient technique that involves rubbing an agate stone to obtain shine. Some models have been revisited by introducing the use of sea snake skin, which is bright and fluid.

In order to make the winter proposals more particular, we have relied on the ability of Florentine craftsmen who have added handmade details and macramé stitching.

The winter season is always accompanied by gray days, but Bianchi and Nardi bags think to bring warmth by proposing bags with shades of yellow, blue, red and even silver to brighten the long evenings. As different as they may seem all models are linked by a single thread, the interiors, whether leather or neoprene, are fuchsia. The choice of this color is not random, in fact it reflects the femininity and elegance of every modern woman.

Photographer Mario Testino signs the campaign of Michael Kors

The brand new campaign of the spring/summer 2021 collection of Michael Kors bears the name of Mario Testino, that is the great fashion photographer, considered one of the most important in the world. 

The set on which the Michael Kors campaign is set is the city of angels, Los Angeles, on a fantastic sunny day, illuminated by garish warm colors quite different from the cold season that characterizes these months. During the shoot the models, in the role of three simple friends, are spending a fun sunny day in the streets of Beverly Hills, very cheerful and above all fashionable thanks to the new garments of the collection. 

Mario Testino immortalizes in his shots the smiles of the three models: Vanessa Moody and the two newcomers, Aneta Pajak and Grace Hartzel. Michael Kors, also said about this new collection and its advertising campaign, “I thought of blue skies and the West, strong and sexy women at the same time.” 

The campaign will be released in February in all major fashion publications and will reach a total of 39 countries on three continents, America, Europe and Asia. 

Hipsters retire: here are the Yuccie

There are those who have been waiting for this moment for a long time and those who are terrified that it might actually happen: Hipsters are retiring and their style is now starting to be outdated.

But as in all things, trends do not disappear without giving way on the podium to something else: so here they come, the replacements of the much-discussed hipsters, the Yuccie.

Yuccie, yes, a name that comes from the acronym YUC (Young Urban Creative), a term coined by the young New York journalist David Infante. At first glance they may seem like clones of their predecessors, but if you look closer you’ll definitely notice that they belong to two completely opposite worlds (ah, really?).

Hipsters, in fact, are recognizable from miles around. For him, super skinny jeans, shirt buttoned up to the neck, sneakers and a full beard. For her, tight leggings and cascades of flashy jewelry. Common denominator between the two sexes are the jeans turn-ups (inevitable) and the backpack on the shoulders.

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