Red: the woman dresses with confidence

What color to choose to show your determination if not red.

In Eastern culture, red is, in fact, a symbol of fertility and femininity, just as in Western culture it is a symbol of seduction. Even in cinema the use of red is recurrent to enhance the sensuality of women: as for the fantastic Satin in Moulin Rouge or Jessica Rabbit in the famous Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The beloved scarlet is, therefore, the color of inspiration, of those who know how to dare, that of absolute femininity.

A femininity that today finds its highest expression in silk shirts as well as in feminine blazers, leather buckets, sporty pumps and the elegance of the sheath dress. The latest fashion has launched a color that, thanks to the skilled hands of whimsical designers, makes every garment irresistible. Whether cherry, ruby, scarlet, let’s see how to wear this color, albeit thanks to a small accessory.

Giorgio Armani paints the summer of blue

Spring-summer 2021 is colored in blue: soft, more intense, deep, full, total. Blue like the nights of the full moon, blue like the deepest abysses; it is the color of the latest catwalks, a valid alternative to black to show off from morning to night. Many have proposed it, but for this season the scepter goes to King George, to all the style and elegance of his Tuareg blue.

A desert woman signed Armani, the most precious and refined of all.

The designer presented seventy outfits on the catwalk, from start to finish in blue. Monochrome and sober lines, precise; in super flats under soft and wide pants for the day and high heels under bright silk dresses, paillets, for party nights. All embellished by ethnic accessories in the same color: mini clutch bags, pointed shoes and blue turbans with eccentric jewelry. The catwalk continues with double chiffon capes, brilliant jackets that reveal the bare back and iridescent satin dresses. An infinite variety of models and shades for a single catwalk.

The woman in blue proposed by Armani is a strong and determined woman in her choices, who only at the end walked the runway with her man, close and with the same gait, to highlight her more intimate and natural side.

A long parade, a Pindaric flight through the dunes of the hottest desert, a dream come true for fashion lovers and for the designer. It had been years since Giorgio Armani had wanted to bring blue to the catwalk, this season he did it and dominated. 

Google gives itself to fashion with the analysis of seasonal trends

Google knows what women want. Or almost. This is demonstrated by the first Fashion Trend Report Spring 2021 published by the American company, able to highlight what are the trends of the current season thanks to an analysis of searches made by users of the search engine. 6 billion queries related to the clothing sector have been extracted from January 2021 to February 2022, showing the most searched products and therefore the most desired by consumers, but also those that have suffered a decline in searches over time. It’s a move that pushes Google beyond traditional search services and into the position of a true digital consultant. In fact, it’s no secret that the company aims to strengthen the e-commerce and fashion segment, in order to support the core business of advertising. 

Lisa Green, head of the giant’s fashion and luxury division, said it has begun working with several brands, including Calvin Klein, to help them incorporate Google’s real-time data into their sales plans. “We’re interested in being powerful digital advisors to our brands, not just a company you turn to for online ad buys,” Green says. These fashion companies that design and put a garment up for sale in a few weeks can find in Google those who spot a trend for them to translate into clothing and accessories.

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