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Among the strengths of our beautiful country, certainly are envied by the world just the jewelry made in Italy. The Italian goldsmith’s art is in fact an excellence recognized throughout the world. And basically, whether it is fashion, jewelry or accessories, Italy still boasts a primacy strongly rooted in the territory, specialized but above all competitive. Thanks to the craftsmanship, quality and techniques used by experienced professionals in the field.

And Ops Object is also one of the absolutely made in Italy brands that has been able to establish itself over the years.

The brand Ops Object offers its customers a selection of jewelry and watches made in Italy, but with an absolutely youthful and unique flavor. Each watch or jewel is designed to enhance a look, ideal for those who want to excite and surprise.

The collection that has conquered many young customers and not only, abandons any model now obsolete and traditional to involve with an original style, and fun, ideal accessories to enrich any look on any occasion, whether it is a simple and daily style, or a decidedly glamorous and refined look.

Ops Object models mix a unique and contemporary style, thanks to the use of innovative and never too traditional materials.  From intense colors, to transparent and particular materials, but also hi-tech materials and soft-touch details that make the entire Ops Object collection even more exciting. 

Modern materials that meet the most classic shapes of watches and jewelry to ensure customers a strong and unique style. Ops Object has managed to overturn the philosophy of the goldsmith’s art by introducing materials and styles with unique and modern designs, to win over every watch and jewelry lover.

Usually the purchase of a jewel as well as a watch is often linked to a particular important event, a recurrence or simply the desire to treat yourself to a gift absolutely personalized that can enrich your style.

The uniqueness of one’s own style gives us more personality, that’s why all the collections proposed by the company Ops Object allow you to choose from a wide range of accessories and jewelry ready to enhance our personality. Offering the right inspiration to the customer who wants to choose a piece of jewelry to give to someone you love, or simply to give an extra touch to your outfits.

Every year the company Ops Object create a new collection full of novelties, but above all launches absolutely original products. In 2021 the company presented in the collection a watch symbol of the generation of the 80s redesigning it in silicone, a choice particularly appreciated by the most demanding customers. 

While in 2021 came out with the new collection Ops Love, a bracelet loved by all, from teenagers to more mature women. Inspired by the bracelet born in the ’50s but revisited in a democratic key, a model that has truly conquered all customers counting at least more than a million sales.

 The 2021 collection included the choice of wanting to launch a watch with a round case in polycarbonate Ops Watch, while in 2021 the company decided to launch the model Ops Tennis, a classic of jewelry but as for the whole collection has undergone a restyling made of silicone and crystals. 

The year 2021 saw the launch of a model belonging to the Italian watchmaking tradition of the 50s, Ops Posh, which featured an absolutely innovative ultra flat style and interchangeable strap, made entirely of silicone.

Ops Nodi is launched on the market in the year 2021, and represents one of the bestselling models of the company Ops Object. A piece of jewelry that definitely wants to focus on emotion and feeling, the bracelet is the symbol of the deep union through the knot, which holds together the truest feelings.

 Starlight is the bracelet launched in the 2021 collection by the company Ops Object, a model made of transparent vinyl covered entirely with Swarovski crystal stones that has become a definitely trendy accessory.

In this latest collection of 2021 Ops Object wanted to amaze its customers by making chokers and bracelets that want to evoke the seductive charm of an expensive tennis of high jewelry, but affordable to absolutely not give up elegance without wanting to exceed too much.

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