New Year’s Eve 2021 look, some ideas to shine

New Year’s Eve…The kiss under the mistletoe, the dinner, the candles, the countdown, the joy. And then the lights of the sequins or accessories of the outfits chosen for New Year’s Eve. Outfits that mark the end of one year and the beginning of another.

But if after the Christmas holidays the fatigue and the desire to choose a perfect look for New Year’s Eve are almost zero, Blog di Moda leaves here some advice to impress and shine during the holidays.

Yes to the triumphs of sequined fabrics, whether gold, black or pink. Yes also to leather, which is confirmed as one of the most popular fabrics of the winter and double yes to laminated fabrics, in contrast with more sober colors. Total black wins, softened by accessories and make-up.

Models? Jumpsuits dominate the collections, whether they have a soft cut or a tighter one. Also on the podium are full skirts, puffy mini-dresses, classic sheath dresses and separates.

On the other hand, let’s wear jewel sandals or pumps in black, red, gold or silver. A detail that makes our elegant look more original.

Let’s choose the outfit with which to celebrate this New Year. Let’s choose well the outfit with which to celebrate this new beginning.

The blackest shirt of black

That by now dressing total black is a real craze is known, but now to satisfy the joys of every lover of black came the new blackest of black shirt, which reflects light 50% less than normal.

The t-shirt was created by two German designers, Gabriel Platt and Phoebe Heessche, who collaborated with a Swiss research firm. The difference between the black and the new shade is not immediately perceptible to the naked eye, but when the two fabrics are put together, the difference is striking. The discovery of this shade is due to a snake and it is in its honor that the new color has been named Viperblack. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the world’s darkest reptile, the Gabon viper, which, in order to escape predators, camouflages itself with the ground thanks to its scales that reflect very little light.

If you think the design is gothic enough, you’re wrong. The two designers revealed that they were inspired by the “radiant” Wednesday Addams, who used to say “I’ll stop wearing black only when they don’t find an even darker color”. And here she is, now there are no more excuses and the director will have to get a new Viperblack costume.

Golden rule of every woman is definitely that wearing black makes you look thinner, who knows if the new shade will help to have an impeccable silhouette. So it’s time for a change: Viperblack makes you look slimmer. NASA had already created an even darker fabric capable of absorbing 99% of light, so dark that contours and shape are lost and only the abyss is perceived.

Other than push-up leggings, you should sew a dress with the space material, but it has not been put on the market. We will therefore have to “settle” for the blackest t-shirt in the world that can be purchased on the official website of the two designers at a cost of 98 euros.

The most beautiful books ever become pieces of jewelry

After finishing a book, it happens to everyone to feel a bit ’empty and lost. Reading creates a certain bond with the protagonists, as if they were real and we had known them forever; we experience emotions, we imagine places and people and sometimes we may even get excited and cry, but it is especially when we finish a saga – which has kept us company for several years and with which we have also grown – that this sense of emptiness seems deeper and “unbridgeable” (at least until we start a new book).

The bond with the protagonists of our favorite books does not end once it is finished and placed in the bookcase, but continues to accompany us in our everyday lives. For this reason, some designers have created pieces of jewelry inspired by the most beautiful sagas of all time, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, but also the great classics like Moby Dick, The Wizard of Oz and others.

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