Jewelry Etiquette the new rules of Bon Ton Jewelry

The new Etiquette Of Jewelry the modern rules of bon ton jewelry and all the advice on how to combine the precious in all occasions according to the label and how many jewels to wear, the types of stones for day and evening and how to match a dress to the jewel and vice versa and what to give as a gift as precious for special occasions according to the customs of today’s society.

As society has progressed, as roles have changed and mentality has evolved and opened up even in bon ton appropriate changes have been implemented. Our journey into the world of etiquette has allowed us to learn about many arguments and useful tips that have allowed us to learn how to behave in a more polite and civilized manner and dress appropriately in all contexts. The etiquette of jewelry contains the rules to follow to wear the right jewelry in every occasion, not to appear trivial, to be bon ton.

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First of all, it must be said that the etiquette regarding jewelry was once very strict, for example, diamonds could not be worn during the day and under forty years of age, or pearls could not be worn with casual clothing. However, times and fashions have changed just like society and today the bon ton of jewelry is more free and less constrained than in the past, but one thing is certain, simplicity and minimalism are two very important factors regarding what and how much jewelry to wear.

We wanted to collect all the basic rules of jewelry etiquette in a clear and simple way but we remind you that the rules of bon ton, etiquette is an indication to be more polite and can therefore give you good advice in case of doubt but especially the mistakes not to commit!

The first rule of jewelry etiquette is: few precious but quality.

This advice reminds us of the motto Less Is More, little is better, because the minimal style also allows us to appear discreet and elegant and is the basis of good taste.

Wearing too many jewels all together not only confuses our look and the message we want to give moreover the impression of power and wealth that can fade into arrogance and therefore pass as a negative message.

As we had already anticipated, once upon a time, with jewelry etiquette wearing diamonds during the day was in bad taste. Today, however, you can wear them as long as they are not too flashy, but this rule applies a bit for all jewelry not only for the most precious ones but let’s see one at a time which ones and when.

To complete your daytime look, according to the etiquette of jewelry you can wear:

As for the evening look and especially for special occasions, the jewelry that you can wear are:

It ‘s always good to remember the rule that you can use parures, with matching earrings and necklace that is the perfect solution for a chic look, to avoid mixing necklaces or jewelry of various kinds that turns out too tacky.

The solitaire diamond is usually represented by the ring, especially the engagement ring. In this case, the diamond can be worn all day, because it indicates the new status.

The same applies if instead of the solitaire diamond ring you received a diamond band.

Chevalier is the gold ring with a seal. It is usually worn on the little finger of the left hand, but in the etiquette of the rings is indicated to wear it on the right hand. This jewel indicates nobility and as an engraving usually has the house of belonging, a coat of arms. Today this type of ring is also found to represent other symbols not related to the dynasty or the lineage and they are often worthless and made of less precious materials.

In the etiquette of jewelry in addition to the choice of stones and metals to be used during the day and evening has a great importance how to match the jewelry to your look.

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And here is that to embellish the look is good to follow these little rules of bon ton.

The sober dress with plain colors and simple design, such as the little black dress, deserves to be enlivened with a jewel with a strong visual impact, with a particular and elaborate design or with colored stones. Just to respect the etiquette of jewelry is good to focus on an extravagant jewel, because the bon ton wants you to wear one at a time. In all cases, avoid excessively large or voluminous jewelry in order not to exaggerate the extravagance of a precious piece.

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