How fashion bloggers have changed

In recent years, fashion bloggers have entered the elite world of fashion, influencing it greatly, thanks to the help of the great visibility gained on the web. These bloggers have not only become prominent characters, admired and imitated, but above all are in high demand by brands and fashion houses. When we talk about fashion bloggers, we can only think, first of all, of the famous – and now unattainable – Chiara Ferragni, as well as the first to have transformed her passion for fashion into an overpaid job. To follow the beloved/hated Chiara Biasi, the little Chiara Nasti and many others. With the achievement of fame and notoriety, these girls – perhaps to meet the standards of beauty and thinness required by the fashion system – have undergone several major transformations: some have limited themselves to changing their look and hair color, others have resorted to cosmetic surgery and extreme diets, and today they are really unrecognizable. Here, then, is how Italy’s most famous fashion bloggers have changed, what they looked like in their early days and what they look like today.

Chiara Ferragni is the fashion blogger par excellence, as well as the first Italian, and it is thanks to her that this “phenomenon” has spread widely in Italy. Today Chiara is not only a fashion blogger, but also a successful entrepreneur and designer. Since 2021, when she opened The Blonde Salad, Ferragni has undergone a metamorphosis, both in terms of style and in her physical appearance. Her blonde and straight hair in Barbie girl style has given way to a darker coloring tending to honey and a wavy crease with a central stripe, her eyebrows are much darker and straight-shaped, her eyelashes have lengthened (thanks to eyelash extensions), her complexion is lighter and paler and her physique, already quite dry, is considerably slimmer. In short, since our Blonde Salad has changed boyfriend she has been totally transformed. It will be the air of Los Angeles, the city where Chiara now lives, which has led Ferragni to all these new transformations? Looking back at the photos of the past years you can almost recognize her, she is more woman – obviously – her look and her style have matured, she wanted to change her hair look and the make up is the work of a team of make up artists, but what worries us is her body definitely too thin. Chiara, we liked you better before.

Unlike her friend Chiara Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro’s transformation was for the better. Inspired by the success of The Blonde Salad, a very blonde Veronica opened The Fashion Fruit in 2021, and if the name of the blog for Ferragni indicates a salad of her own life (and we like the metaphor), we don’t understand Ferraro’s choice, in fact we even find it a bit plagiarized. Her outfits, however, are feminine and trendy and in a short time she conquers a considerable number of loyal followers. Then, finally, the change. Ferraro abandons her blonde hair and opts for a brown coloring (which definitely looks better on her and makes her eye color stand out), as we can imagine during the course of these five years she has lost weight without exaggerating, she has changed the shape of her eyebrows making them thinner and finally she has put aside her home made make up which is a bit messy to rely on experts. Looking at her old photos, and comparing them with her current ones, we’re led to believe that Veronica has done some retouching to her nose, but at the moment it’s only our doubt. Transformation successful, Veronica Ferraro gets a 9+.

The fashion blogger of Neapolitan origin is what you might call in this spring period a bud that is slowly opening in all its beauty. Yes, because while at the beginning of her journey Chiara Nasti was a normal teenager with a passion for fashion and her colleague Chiara Ferragni, now she is acquiring her own identity. Her style has matured, her angelic face has become that of a woman and a few more tattoos and piercings reveal a more rebellious nature than in the past. Although she is asserting herself with her personality, Chiara Nasti seems to get closer and closer from the physical point of view, but also stylistically to the Argentinean Belen Rodriguez. Often in fact, in the comments her fans criticize her poses and physical features very similar to those taken by the showgirl in her photos published on social networks. We will see what turn her future evolution as a fashion blogger will take.

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