Diamonds for investment quotes, the guide

The bad surprises that can be found in the financial markets and above all, the reduced returns that are offered by certain accounts, have revived new investment channels. In fact, some banking groups are beginning to offer their customers investment diamonds, guaranteeing the possibility of obtaining excellent returns. 

This investment is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of the so-called “shelter” types of assets. Diamonds, in fact, are a very special investment tool and in addition to being famous as jewelry, it should not be forgotten that they are used, both in the industrial field but especially in the exchange of financial.

In order to decide whether it is worth investing in the diamond market, it is necessary to keep an eye on the quotations in real time, thus being able to control what is the trend and the financial flow related to this asset. 

There are specialized portals that take into consideration the trend of the quotation of diamonds and above all, also analyze in particular, sections in which it is possible to verify, for example, what are the historical behaviors of that particular asset over a week, a month or one, or ten years. These graphs are fundamental for those who have decided to invest on the type of product and besides, they are optimal also for those who practice investments in the medium or long period. 

The diamond business is excluded from the speculative market such as trading or forex. Not surprisingly, in the currency market in fact, it is possible to use different types of currencies as standard. Here the comparison for the quotation can be made with the currency chosen (the currency can be for example the euro, but also the British pound, or the U.S. dollar, the Australian dollar, the Swiss franc or the yen): the diamond market works in a very different way and it is not possible to go to move this asset, day after day, but you have to think of a long-term investment with the impossibility of speculating in the short term.

The diamond finds its maximum application in the market of the decennial investments, in how much this kind of business is not characterized from gaps much frequent one, to difference instead of the market of stock type that can also reserve some ugly surprises and of the fluctuations anchored to the historical situation. And then there is a famous saying that goes “A diamond is forever!” and as Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”.

Basically, when choosing diamonds, you have to take into consideration their color, cut, clarity and weight which is measured in carats. The more these 4 factors tend up as quality the more the value of the diamond increases. By clicking on the relevant links you can learn more about the 4C’s rule.

Let’s take a classic example, that is the value of a diamond of one carat with initials D-IF, index of extra high quality, well this diamond has a market value that can exceed 20,000 €. To learn more about this subject, we refer you to the article: diamond price.

On the basis of these criteria, the diamond will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. Obviously, the choice of attribution of a given value is not personal or arbitrary, but must take into account the official registers and certificates that belong to the noble gemmological institutes present at the international level. It is precisely by taking these factors as a point of reference, that you can go to invest in diamonds and then, you can determine what is their value, deciding for example, to put a stake on this precious material. Since, even a 0.5 carat diamond can have a value ranging between 6000 and 9000 euros, then it is good to realize from the beginning, that the minimum investment must start at least from 5000 euros. In general, however, the value of the stone is able to grow between 7 and 8% every year. This means that a single diamond is capable of yielding as much as 90% of its initial value.

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