Color of diamond

We all imagine the color of the diamond as if it were a perfect white, almost transparent. Well, only the highest jewelery diamonds can boast of the D River grade, that is, they have a perfect transperence. Such stones are very rare and for this reason the value and price of the single gem can skyrocket.

Color measurements are always performed in controlled environments for which you know all the parameters so you don’t get the wrong impression. This is because the differences in color between diamonds is very minimal. From the whitest D to the yellowest Z, there are many gradations, even if they vary gradually.

Usually the diamonds that present a warmer coloration with initials that go from K to Z are set in yellow gold jewelry. The white diamonds that have initials from D to J are called “winter ice” and very often are set in white gold or platinum jewelry.

Obviously, as already mentioned, the more a diamond tends to the ideal white, the more it has a high value and this is because these gems are very rare in nature. Nevertheless it could happen that a yellow diamond has an almost perfect purity, a factor that would raise the prices. And in nature yellow diamonds have in most cases a very good clarity.

But why do some diamonds tend to yellow? The yellow color is due to the higher or lower concentration of nitrogen in the diamond. The more nitrogen molecules present in percentage as well as carbon, the more the color tends to yellow.

Il Sogno di Siriah online shop

Il Sogno di Siriah is a brand of unique jewelry that was born between sea and sky. The creations are handmade with precious stones, gold and silver, where each piece represents culture and art. The jewels present are: earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, parure, pendant angels and even precious dolls. That of the brand is a world between reality and fairy tale, where the jewel tells and is told at the same time.

Il Sogno di Siriah’s jewelry is never the same. The brand has women’s jewelry of different types, to give you a wide and constantly updated choice. The price is medium and in line with the refined materials used: ranging from gold to silver, including innovative materials such as ceramics, shells and mother of pearl.

Each jewel of Il Sogno di Siriah tells a fairy tale: the symbol of the brand is a stylized angel, the jewel that gave birth to the brand. It is a pendant made of onyx and silver, with the evocative name of “Siriah”. The pendant is part of the “Angels” to be worn on necklaces, or to be carried always with you.

Il Sogno di Siriah is a brand new in 2016, which was born in the wake of the experiences in architecture and creativity of the artist Vanna Netti. The jewel designer realized during her professional journey that what started out as a simple today could be so much more.

So, she opened the center in Polignano a Mare (BA) and realized the online shop. The brand soon begins to be known in the field of tourism and solidarity, thanks to important collaborations at local level and dedicated events. Today the history of the brand is linked to jewelry, a symbol of tradition and innovation.

On the official website you can discover the hidden treasures of the brand. The site not only shows the pieces and prices in the foreground, but also offers a full description of the materials used and the possibility to customize it with color variations of your choice.

Giving a jewel of Il Sogno di Siriah for Christmas or for any occasion, you will ensure yourself a unique and certified piece, to give a personal and original emotion. Among the gift ideas, very unique is the doll for the dresser, made with a careful play of precious stones.

Once you have chosen the jewel, you can add it to your online cart and receive your heart jewel by mail: in order to offer you maximum transparency, each unique jewel is accompanied by pictures and any useful information, but, to learn more, you can also use the contact form on the site.

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