Christian Louboutin, yes I want them

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can make a difference, if we talk about marriage then, the choice of this accessory is almost as important as the choice of the partner.

In short, if the groom is there, the church is booked, the dress has been chosen, it’s their time: the shoes.

Everything must be perfect, you get out of the car, you lift the dress and here the focus shifts to the feet. And besides the father who accompanies the bride down the aisle, who could give better support than him, Christian Louboutin, in crossing the aisle?

The designer has created the spring/summer 2021 collection especially for all brides. The dreamy pumps, typical of the maison, become even more precious for the most important day of our entire lives. The shades remain the classic ones, nude, white, gold and silver, but it’s the details that make the difference. 

Christian Louboutin has launched a line of 39 models that alternates between traditional and innovative proposals to arrive at a modern elegance.

The open toes are super shiny thanks to the crystals applied on the upper and blend fine materials with everyday fabrics, such as PVC. The peep toes come with a cascade of silver rhinestones, with an extra addition given by the metal studs, to have a really gritty step.

For those who prefer a softer look, there is no shortage of pumps made with fine lace, with floral and shiny embroidery that garnishes the stiletto and the tip that tightens on the fingers.

A real bon ton touch are the Cosmolip Crepe Satin sandals that close with a bow that wraps around the instep. For those who are fed up with white, the king of shoes has designed this model also in a Lips version, imprinted with red lips as if they had been covered with kisses.

The real enchantment of this collection are the Fifi Strass, the golden shoes, in the true sense of the word. In fact, they have been made by setting small golden rhinestones by hand.

Patches and pins for spring 2021: it’s patch mania

Watchword for spring 2021: customize. Well yes. If you want to be cool, put a patch. Where? Everywhere: t-shirts, jeans, dresses, dungarees, bomber jackets, sneakers, bags, jackets and even lingerie. In the era of homologation, to stand out from the crowd and express their personal uniqueness, fashion can also come to our aid. So, green light to patch mania. Directly from the ’90s, the trend to customize garments with pins and colorful patches is back for a glam-rock look. Whether it’s a catwalk garment or a DIY denim jacket, today more and more trendsetters are communicating their individuality, a personal mood, but also their belonging to a social-political cause.

A patchwork of messages, ironic drawings and symbols of digital language, cartoons, numbers, writings and pop comics. And if denim is definitely the most exploited fabric to create fun and colorful compositions, with its casual and a bit grunge style, even tweed coats and jackets, leather bags, backpacks, knitted hats and shoes become the canvas on which the most creative designers indulge. It was the women’s spring summer 2021 collection of Marc Jacobs to repropose on garments and accessories that mood nineties never went out of fashion and that, indeed, now has gone viral.

Do you want some advice to make your style even more inimitable? Choose, for example, a denim jacket, maybe a little over, and decorate it yourself, with thermoadhesive patches or sew them one by one. There are no precise rules, everything is allowed, the important thing is to have them. Where to find them? Vintage markets are undoubtedly the best place to find unique pieces, but even low cost brands have included them among the accessories of their collections. So, you just have to choose your favorites. 

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